There are five classes in the realm of Norrath:

  1. Barbarian Warrior
  2. Wood Elf Ranger
  3. High Elf Cleric
  4. Erudite Wizard
  5. Dark Elf Shadow Knight

Each race has a male and female to choose from.

Starting statsEdit

When you begin, you have an additional 20 stat points to spend in any of the four stats that you wish.

Note: Monsters are not always randomly generated, making levelling up awkward, so choose and spend wisely.

Class Description Str Int Dex Sta HP MP Armor Att Dam
Barbarian Warrior "A physically powerful character, the barbarian warrior tends to bring the battle to his enemies and has many abilities that aid in melee combat." 35 20 25 35 53 16 29 37 19-24
Wood Elf Ranger "Agile, strong, and deadly with both melee and ranged weapons, especially the bow, the wood elf ranger also has access to some magical abilities." 28 25 35 27 41 21 34 37 15-19
High Elf Cleric "Wise and adept at invoking the powers of the gods for healing, protection, and attack, the high elf cleric is also a skilled combatant with a particular affinity for blunt weapons." 26 36 27 26 45 35 30 35 16-20
Erudite Wizard "Possessing great intelligence, the erudite wizard is not as skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but more than makes up for this shortfall with a devastating arsenal of magical abilities." 23 39 25 28 38 40 31 34 14-20
Dark Elf Shadow Knight "Stong and cunning, the dark elf shadow knight brings combat prowess and skill with dark magic together in a powerful combination." 28 30 27 30 43 25 30 36 17-22